B.C. raw log exports double as local mills go without


Supernatural BC: cutting down more trees, creating fewer jobs and leaving nothing #bcpoli

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Risk level rises for North American forests

burnt-clearcut-stumps-logging-canada“When you chop down trees, you create hotspots in the landscape that are just scorched by the sun. These hotspots can change the way that heat moves through a landscape,” says the report’s lead author, Kika Tuff, a PhD student at the university’s department of ecology and evolutionary biology.

Low air pressure in the cleared spots pulls the cool moist air from the shade of the trees, to be replaced by hot, dry air. The cleared areas then get the rainfall, while the nearby forest dries.

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‘Bring Back the Light’ Illuminates Forest Regrowth | The Tyee

Along many parts of the BC coast, especially on Vancouver Island and the South Coast, rain-forest critters are endangered as a result of excessive old-growth logging. Allowing second-growth to grow older and restoring old-growth characteristics is urgent to safeguard the web of life. Check out this wonderful 7 minute video…

via ‘Bring Back the Light’ Illuminates Forest Regrowth | The Tyee.

Why Vancouver Island’s Walbran Valley rainforest matters

“With its outstanding intactness, the Walbran represents the only remaining opportunity in the southern half of the island to save a more contiguous area of productive old-growth rainforest, create connectivity and allow species like the marbled murrelet to find quality habitat between Clayoquot Sound and the Olympic Peninsula.

A larger protected area would give species that depend on this rainforest at least a fighting chance to survive, considering the level of degradation and fragmentation of rainforest on Vancouver Island. And only larger areas are resilient enough to withstand increasing climate change impacts like stronger droughts, stronger storms and other extreme weather events.”

sierra bc rainforest at risk map oct 15 2015s

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Times Colonist Comment: Protect remaining old-growth forest

“We cannot uncut the magnificent wonder of the Douglas firs in Vancouver’s Lynn Valley that were towering giants up to 130 metres in height. They are gone. Similarly, in another 10 years, when we know so much more, we will not be able to uncut forests such as the upper Walbran. They will be gone.

We have already felled most of the coastal old growth on Vancouver Island and must now protect what little we have left for future generations.”

Philip Dearden (professor in the Department of Geography at the University of Victoria, involved in land-use issues in B.C. since the 1970s).
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